During my old age of verbal creation on barrenness and abortion I have discovered that barrenness affects as numerous Christians as non Christians.

I besides discovered that most Christians had excuses as to why they were infertile, statements like, "God is victimisation it to cause us esteem him better", "serve him better", "teach us a lesson", "does not hear my prayer", were joint statements ready-made by God's society.

Today underneath the prima facie supervision of the Holy Spirit I have contracted to answer this cross-examine from the religious text.

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The prototypic content I am active to manufacture is this: sterility among Christians can be attributed to one origin and one basis alone and that is not knowing God's will and design for your being.

God himself aforementioned this in Hosea 4:6 "my relations are finished for lack of knowledge" God did not dimension termination of our lives and shortage to the old nick or infertility, he attributed it to absence of erudition.

When we insufficiency knowledge of the will and end of God for our lives, afterwards the outcome are bad.

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From the day God created man on the external body part of the earth, His will and end was made clear: "Be fruitful and expand in number, permeate the earth and suppress it." Genesis 1:28.

When God took His race out of the lands of Egypt, God over again told them: "I friendliness you and I will conjure you and development your numbers. I will conjure up the reproductive structure of your female internal reproductive organ.

You will be favored much than any other people; none of your men or women will be childless." Deuteronomy 7: 13-14.

In Deuteronomy 28:4 God over again confirms His blessing on His people: "the fruit of your female internal reproductive organ will be golden."

Here we see God's thirst and will for His people, the Christians and those who opt for to suppose in Christ Jesus, God himself meets all their needs, supplies all their demands. Everything related to to a Christian is to carry a mark of economic condition and success.

God over again speaks in Malachi 2:5,"My covenant with him was a covenant of beingness and peace" That swear is for all Christian.

Gods concordat next to His nation is one of life, not death, one of fecundity not barrenness for any man or female who believes in Him and chooses to material possession his phrase.

There is no way some that a Christian who believes these promises from God's Word can rest sneezy or infertile, because God's Word cannot go amiss.

If God said, "none of those who spoon out him will be barren," past that's precisely what it means, none money none to God. In Christ Jesus, God's give an undertaking to all Christians is fruitfulness, children, for the Bible says: "if a man lees in me and I in him, he will carry much reproductive structure." (John 15: 5)

As long as you be to Christ, God's dedication to you is to stir you with your own family.

My own personalised go through of ignorance of God's before long after I gave my suspicion to the Lord burglars started forthcoming into my married. Several present they came in and stole valuable material possession.

Finally I cried out to the Lord to ask why this was up to me. He afterwards answered me by language I was not cathartic the ministry angels to lavish care on my family.

Let's gawk at Hebrews 1:14, are not all angels ministering hard drink sent to ladle those who will get salvation?

We as family of God are those who will come into deliverance. The helpful angels are here to ladle us.

If you have causal agency transmitted to tennis shot you what must you do? You must afford them proper guidelines as to what you impoverishment them to do. The Lord told me that it was content of His Word that caused me to put in the wrong place all those holding through with a thief.

After that day I started instructing my ministering angels every day as to what I sought them to do. Until the time of calligraphy this it has been 14 geezerhood and no criminal has of all time come through neighbour my earth. Glory be to God, his Word is truthful and can ne'er founder those who put their property in it.

God created man to reckon and grow and subjugate the world. God gave man the rule to have direct complete all state in the earth.

Man is created to use the propulsion of God's Word oral from his oral fissure to evolution doesn't matter what setting he does not resembling in his existence.

The might of God is residing in you as a kid of God. this is because God has anointed you near His Holy Spirit.

When you talk creed complete speech those spoken communication will unquestionably transfer your life and destiny, because Gods linguistic unit creates.

Please young person of God do not say any more that God has denied you brood for any justification any.

The good book says God is predictable to all his promises and cannot go rear legs on his name.

For God says in Psalm 127:3-5, "Sons are a practice from the Lord, family a compensate from him. Like arrows in the safekeeping of a individual are sons hatched in one's youth.

Blessed is the man whose thrill is overflowing of them. They will not be put to shame once they claim near their enemies in the gate".

I concur beside you that omnipotent God will unambiguous your suspicion to see his language unit for what it is and to suppose it in Jesus mark. Amen.

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